Single Skin Spot Diffusers

Single Skin Spot Diffusers
SIZE : PK4(100MM), PK8(200 MM) ,PK10(250 MM) ,PK12(300 MM) ,PK16(400 MM) ,PK18(450MM)

Single Skin Spot Diffusers are generally used in massive areas such as malls, giant auditoriums, and halls where A normal ceiling Diffusers would not suffice. Single Skin Spot Diffuser changes the flow of air at any angle within 40 degrees according to the preference. It is used with ceiling diffusers and can be installed on the ceilings and sidewalls.

Nisha Aircon provides a wide range of Single Skin Spot Diffuser series serving our customer requirements. We use prime quality materials and present-day technology to bring forth premium products such as the Single Skin Spot Diffusers.

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